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Jan 06

How To Prophesy to Your Future Self

By Seneca | Prophetic

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I do this once in awhile and it’s always a nice surprise to wake up one morning and find a message I wrote myself years ago. When I get anything that I believe is from God, with a date on it or a time frame attached, I know I might not be cognizant enough to read […]

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Dec 22

Rest Week

By Seneca | Working Smarter

I’m taking a week off, so no new blog this week.  Instead I’m resurrecting this oldie but goodie.  I hope you find your proper rhythm of work and rest for the new year! I have had a sense that I cannot go into 2015 in the state that I’m in. (The tired, pressured state.)​​I had […]

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Nov 25

Accessing Heaven’s Business Strategy Room

By Seneca | Strategy

Seneca I asked Dream Venture student Del Hungerford of Healing Frequencies Music and Supernatural Lessons to guest post this week on a recent heavenly experience she had that helped her grow her business. I hope it inspires you to “practice” too. Heeeeeeeeeeers Del! Part of my most recent spiritual journey involves learning to see and do […]

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Sep 28

The End My Friend

By Seneca | Prophetic

Hopefully the blood moon hubbub is now over. There have been so many voices drowning out that of my Fathers on this subject. I tried not to let it bother me, traveling on two of the blood moon dates, much to the dismay of my mother. “You can’t go to Africa during the blood moon!” Is […]

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