Student Businesses

Imagine having a dedicated prophetic intercessor who clocks in, prays, declares and receives prophetic intel and then relays it back to you. Tammy Tannahill of does exactly that. You decide how much time you want her for, and you'll receive an MP3 recording of the "cession." Find out more at

Healing Frequencies Music

Prophetic music recorded in the 432 concert pitch that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses.  Workshops and live events are also offered.  Go listen to some samples and get your free song download at 

Commissioned By Creator

Have you ever received a prophetic message through a painting? A personal message from Creator's heart is translated through paints onto canvas. We have a selection of canvas sizes to choose from, ranging big to small. Prophetic commissions can make a life changing impact and a meaningful gift.

Shake Rattle and Roll Mobile Percussion School

Shake Rattle and Roll teaches kids in the greater Tacoma area to play musical instruments.  You provide the room and they bring the instruction right to your school, daycare, community center or neighborhood.  Their team of motivated instructors will ensure your child has a positive musical experience in a relaxed environment.

Grounded in Christian principles, Alice Briggs works as a facilitator to guide you to release painful emotions that are triggering unwanted symptoms, and rediscover who God is and what He has to say to and about you. Trained in both Splankna and Sozo techniques for inner and energy healing, she believes Holy Spirit is our healer and will guide you on a journey towards complete emotional and spiritual healing.  Skype available  

Authentic Living

Just like a football coach or personal fitness trainer, LIFE COACHING will get you where you want to go. The negative forces of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt paralyze many people from unleashing their Creator-given potential and fulfilling their assignment on earth.  Marilyn and Wayne Grey help empower you to deal with your mind, will and emotions in a positive way.


This is a cafe/sandwich place in Lapwai ID on the Nez Perce Reservation. People are being drawn from all over. Those who patron the restaurant may experience physical healing, prayer and loving prophetic words.  Plus cupcakes with huckleberry frosting!!!

Alice Arlene

Alice's art technique involves multiple colors, layers, and techniques to generate depth, richness, texture, and energy that invite one to interact with the piece as elements are revealed to the eye. Personal prophetic pieces as well as originals and prints are available.

Jill Ryan Studios

Oil paintings from your photographs!  Jill loves to commemorate family homes, create pet portraits or almost anything else that has meaning to you. All she needs is a clear photograph, either digital or physical print.   "I paint it like it is!"

Free From Verbal Abuse

Online and private anonymous classes and support forum for those who are in a currently abusive relationship or dealing with the after effects.  Their goal is to help you come out on the other end feeling more empowered, less fearful, ready to live life again, and free from verbal and emotional abuse.

Julie's Painted Journey

Julie's Painted Journey is about the restoration of an artist, and the restoration of an inner spiritual odyssey. Her overall vision and intuitive nature is reflected in every imaginative piece. Travel along and let Julie's paintings and blog posts give vision and deeper revelation to your own spiritual journey.

Vickie Oakley Career Coaching

Vickie engages individuals, teams and groups towards unleashing innately endowed natural talents.  The wonderful thing about your abilities is that once you learn how to use them productively, you hold the greatest potential for success.  Vickie can help you discover your natural and untapped or under utilized gifts.