So What Sort of Business Should You Start?

Remember this movie?

This week we are digging out your skill sets, your passions, taking into consideration your prophetic words and getting them all in one place for a thorough assessment. Simply looking at the sum total, and seeing what things fit together can be a powerful exercise.

If you're getting help from me now or in the future, even if you know you, I’d like to know you, so that when you say you want to have a business making lanyards, I can redirect you to something profitable and more inline with your greater purpose. Don’t worry, if you are set on holding on to your idea, I’ll still help you be the best lanyard manufacturer you can be. However, your level of fulfillment in your work is going to be connected to how much of your gifting you're using.

Most likely, everything you are will gel together in a unique way at some point. By at some point, I mean it might be years to come. You build bit by bit, and it’s similar to a giant connect-the-dots picture. You can’t tell what it is in the beginning, but the more dots you connect, the clearer it gets. This becomes your signature "thing" that stands you out from the crowd and enables you to contribute and make a difference in a way that no other person on the face of the earth can do.

The goal in the next few weeks is to get some dots going and get you into a business that is good for you for now. Maybe forever, but definitely within your reach FOR NOW. This means that some of you will be on your way to a much bigger thing, yet you can’t get there from where you’re currently at, so you need a stepping stone. For others, your big thing is right there waiting for you.


 I have a questionaire for you below with some questions that may help you identify some areas that need to be pulled into your future focus. Sometimes we don't even recognize our own gifts because what we do is so natural and simple to us that we don't see that it's not normal. Some of my questions are set up to get you to consider other people's perspectives of your value.

Some things you need to understand:

  • What's easy for you is not necessarily easy for someone else. Every one of us has some sort of super power that we don't even think about but boggles other people's minds. That thing that you do that is no big deal to you could translate to a class, a service-based business, a DVD tutorial, or a consulting business.
  •  All your training has potentially led up to this moment. You may have taken some seemingly random detour in your life that isn't random at all. Maybe it actually was God. Or maybe God has just opted to use it. Don't discount the odd skill or knowledge you picked up. It probably isn't the focus of your business, but it may make for a unique twist or perspective you wouldn't have otherwise had.
  • The area of your calling, is generally where the enemy is going to hit you with the most fear and opposition. Likewise, any challenges that you've overcome are areas where you have authority and the ability to help people who are going through the same or similar circumstances.
  • If you notice that you attract a certain demographic, that is probably another great clue to who most naturally resonates with your message, skill set or abilities.

Business Possibilities:

As we begin to look at the prophetic around your life, the places where the enemy has hit you, challenges you have walked through, (and thus gained authority in) passions of yours, skills and knowledge, I'm believing a direction will emerge.

Essential Homework:

1) Fill out the questionaire below.

Optional Homework:

Here are a couple podcasts just to expand your thinking of what business can look like. The first is some practical info on how to sell your ideas. If you are naturally an idea person, start contending for God to give you "witty inventions." The second is edutainment with 2 guys discussing weird things they have done to make money, (probably not all in line with their calling) the benefit being that if they can, you can.

How To Get Paid For Your Ideas

Crazy Simple Business Ideas That Make Money

Questions for Papa:

1) What out of my prophetic list is for me right now?

2) Are there any places where I'm interpreting a prophecy incorrectly or thinking too small?

1 Step 1
Skills, Passions, and Expertise Worksheet
What are some things people always ask you about or come to you for help with? 

What's easy for you that is hard for other people?

What are some things you can never stop talking about?

What are your hobbies? What do you really love to do? 

What skills, trades etc have you learned? Even a weekend workshop counts.

Do you hold any degrees, licenses, certifications or other credentials? (We might use them in non-obvious ways.) 

What do you consider to be your natural talents?

What do you feel the most opposition around in life?

What are you afraid of?

What sort of people do you tend to draw? Are there people in certain situations, or a particular demographic that come to you?

What special experiences or challenges have you had in life? 

What could you teach somebody in two hours that would change their life? 

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