Rest Week

By Seneca | Working Smarter

Dec 22

I'm taking a week off, so no new blog this week.  Instead I'm resurrecting this oldie but goodie.  I hope you find your proper rhythm of work and rest for the new year!

I have had a sense that I cannot go into 2015 in the state that I'm in. (The tired, pressured state.)

​I had a crack moment over the Christmas song lyrics "the weary world rejoices." Christmas season is always about just hanging in there and surviving in my line of work, so I might feel it more deeply than some, but I'm weary. It hit pretty hard that some of why Jesus came is to give us rest. So I got back on the "rest" topic.

Moreover, God had been talking to me about the year of rest. Remember, it's actually biblical to work 6 years and rest the seventh. That doesn't happen without you setting a strong intention to set up your business so you can do that. 

So how would that actually work?  ​

The Lord told Moses on Mount Sinai, 2 “Tell the Israelis that when you enter the land that I’m about to give you, you are to let the land observe a Sabbath to the Lord. 3 For six years you may plant your fields, and for six years you may prune your vineyard and gather its produce. 4 But the seventh year is to be a Sabbath of rest for the land—a Sabbath for the Lord. You are not to plant your field or prune your vineyard. 5 You are not to gather what grows from the spilled kernels of your crops. You are not to pick the grapes of your untrimmed vines. Let it be a year of Sabbath for the land. 6 You may take the Sabbath produce[a] of the land for your food—you, your male and maid servants, your hired laborers, and the resident alien with you. 7 The cattle and the wild animals in your land—everything it produces—are for your food.

What the heck does that even look like in this day and age? To me, it looks like not ploughing or seeding, your company is not in a growth phase. You're not hustling and marketing, going after the increase. For Freedom Flowers, it's kicking back, serving my existing customers and whoever happens to find me, letting my autoresponder nurture the newbies, and maybe giving away my book rather than my time. - Just coast.

I'd also be working ahead of time on systems, training people and automating as much as I can.  You can't be all self-sufficient with this.  ​

But that's a big step, especially if you haven't spent 6 years building up to it. I looked it up in light of all this, and we technically are in a Shmita year. (That would be the 7th). "You mean do it right now? I'm not ready for this."

"Ok, He says. What about working 6 weeks and taking the seventh?"

New concept...

So I started counting off weeks from the date I was given. I see that next week is my off week, starting New Year's Eve. No wonder I felt I need to get everything wrapped up and leave work at the door of 2015. I also counted up and see that my off week starts the day before the next NIT retreat. I wanna cry. It feels perfect.

This may or may not feel like something you need to do. I am pretty excited.

Update 12/20/16.  It's been almost a year of taking regular week long breaks.  It's been wonderful.  I haven't executed perfectly on this plan, but I'm learning.  Needs forethought so you can truly be free on your week off.  It gives me time to bake cookies, do other projects and pursue spiritual things on a deeper level.