Prophetic Inventory

Now we are digging out all your old prophetic words and getting them all in one place for a thorough assessment. Simply looking at the sum total, and seeing what things fit together can be a powerful exercise.  If you have a bunch of little pieces of paper, or it's just all filed in your head, if you have emails and recordings stashed, this is the time to get it all in one place. You might get a notebook or binder so that you can steward these well. Sit down and transcribe recordings, print things out, pick a file format or two for a backup that appeals to you. Then what we need is you to group things into two lists. One where you jot down little notes with words that reveal your kingdom identity. Then a list where anything possibly business or calling related goes. These lists don't need to contain the whole word, but enough to jog your memory of the whole thing so you can pull it out of your brain file quickly or go back and review your notebook. 

If you don't have prophetic words, or you don't feel like you have anything that's useful, it won't be the end of the world if you skip this exercise. If you want a prophetic word, I would recommend you order one from Melody Paasch. They are called "readings" on her site because she works with a lot of people on varying spiritual paths, but also because she will ask about specifics on your behalf. Where most prophetic people leave it wide open, she expects God to speak about the things you care about as well as what He cares about. You can actually explain that you are in my Discovery Class, and you are wanting to find a business. You'll get a half-hour prophecy in mp3 format that you should take notes on. She does not have access to the homework you turn in, and would prefer to not know a lot about you.

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Prophetic Inventory
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