New Website Building Class!

Websites For Newbies Starts Jan 7!

​Lets get your business or blog up and running in the New Year! 

What It Covers

  • Choosing the right platform for your business or blog
  • Getting the right domain name​
  • The nuts and bolts of getting your site up and running
  • Writing copy for your "Home," "About," and sales pages
  • How to legally source graphics, and some free tools to create your own
  • How to find all the tools you need for an awesome website for free or cheap
  • Lots of little nuances you don't even know about - YET!

Why You Need to Work With Me​

  • I'm great at looking down the road and will do my utmost to help you avoid doing something you'll regret. ​
  • You're going to get advice tailored to you personally, not a one-size fits all class.
  • You'll benefit from my marketing mindset.
  • You'll get help with what to say where.
  • You'll have help knowing what kinds of additional functionality are needed for your site, and how to implement.

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How The Class is Facilitated 

Initial one-on-one call

We'll set up a time to talk for about 15 minutes on the best course of action for your website.  What platform will be best for what you are doing, additional things you'll need to install, and how you can get going.

Access to a private Facebook Group

Here you'll have access to all the class information, you'll be able to ask questions in between the weekly calls, and post things you're working on for feedback. 

Weekly conference calls

These will be online screen share group feedback extravaganzas. Lots of eyes are better than just your two and my two.  The days and times will be staggered so everyone will have a chance to get help over the course of two months. You'll need a quiet place with a headset mic for this, but even a set of ear buds will work. 

Two months (that's 8 weekly calls) of support and feedback for $225.  A fraction of what a designer would charge for one website, and with your new skills you'll be able to put up websites for all your future endeavors.

The class fees do not include web hosting, domain registration, or additional software if needed. These costs will vary greatly from person to person, but a domain name will run about $12 a year; hosting, $4 to $29 per month, ($4 being the more common scenario) and I recommend you budget a little extra for graphics as well. 

Enrollment is closed. Get on the mailing list for future openings.