Imposter Syndrome

By Seneca | Psychology of Success

Oct 15

Who am I to talk to you about imposter syndrome? I mean, who do I think I am? It’s not like I have overcome this and am this huge authority like Tony Robbins or something… Who in their right mind would listen to me?

Imposter syndrome is actually a thing in the secular world of entrepreneurs. We know it as the enemy yakking at us. I actually like that someone put a specific name on this particular brand of accusation, so I’ll go with Imposter Syndrome from here on out. What it is, is the voice that says that you’re a fraud, you have no real authority in your line of business and when you get found out, you’ll be ruined, so don’t be acting like you know anything, ABOUT ANYTHING! Hush…

It affects us all. If you think you can earn your way out of it, you’d be mistaken. As soon as you get the piece of credibility you thought you needed, it morphs into another accusing and demeaning thought. You might think it only affects people that don’t have the right education, or experience but that’s not true. They have their own internal battles.

That doesn’t mean you give up on getting the right experience, education and up leveling your skills however. You do that because you are pursuing excellence, not because you’ll finally feel that you’ve arrived. If anything, more knowledge has the opposite effect, showing you how little you know.

But if you’re waiting for this tipping point where you “feel” totally prepared and competent, you might never start a business, or charge what you are worth, and you won’t own your voice or fulfill your purpose. Beyond that, you’re doing the world a massive disservice by not fully showing up.

In case you think this is humility, here’s how you know. Imposter Syndrome will stop you from doing what you need to. It shuts you up —and down. Humility let’s you show up and be imperfectly and transparently you, moving forward in your call. Humility comes with gratefulness for opportunities, Imposter Syndrome comes with feeling undeserving.

So suck it up buttercup! (That’s a reference from my flower essence business. Essences change negative thought patterns and buttercup is specifically for believing in your gifts and abilities without comparing to other people.) You need to recognize where that voice is coming from and that it’s an indicator of you being on the right track.

You also need to shift focus from yourself and just go help the people in the way that you’re called to. This redirect will help you immensely to bust past it. And if you haven’t quite figured out your calling, but you are definitely interested in business, check this out.

You may have heard it said that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Hang onto that one. We’ve got a whole book of examples of people who were not initially looking like all star material but stepped out in faith because they trusted God. We have that. Secular entrepreneurs don’t.

Imposter Syndrome is most definitely a spiritual battle. And by the way, business is most definitely ministry, assuming your motives are right. Imposter Syndrome may have an intriguing name, but when you boil it down, it’s the same ol tactics, and we can use our same ol weapons. Fire away.