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Dream Ventures Discovery

Have you ever felt like your job or career only allowed you to be a small portion of who you are? The side of you that's a creative person, a spiritual person, a comedic or philosophical, dog-loving, big pharma-hating person had to be dumped at the door while you did your routine for the company?It's vastly unfulfilling when you can only be 40% you.

The goal at Dream Ventures Discovery is to carve you out an area where you can be 100% you. Where you can use all your skills and talents, and everything God gave you that's dying to come out. More than that, it NEEDS to come out. You were put on earth for a purpose and for such a time as this. The world needs you to show up in all that you were created for.

If you want a business, but don't yet know what to do, or if you have too many ideas and need to find a starting point, the Discovery class is for you. If you enroll in the full Dream Ventures Discovery class, you'll get personal prophecy, in the form of a 30 minute mp3 that you can review anytime you need. This will give you a kick start on the direction that you'll need. Then we'll get to know you a little bit better and look at where the sum total of your life is leading. What are all the things that God is calling you to? Not just business - your business needs to support and not get in the way of the whole she-bang! There are plenty of viable businesses doable by you, some will create freedom, while others will bog you down. Few of us have our entire purpose in life wrapped up in just business. This class will open your eyes to a more holistic way of looking at what you need to be doing.

Next you'll take all your processed and filtered down information and build a plan for transition. But before you order business cards, before you run out and form an LLC, or spend a bunch of money, I'll show you how to test it. Now if you're meant to be in business, and God's timing is on this, you'll finish class with the beginnings of your dream venture. If you would like to continue working together to build and grow it, you can enroll in the regular Dream Ventures class when there's an enrollment opportunity.


Course only

  • Online class
  • I'll review your homework and offer suggestions.



Course & Prophecy

  • Online Class
  • 30 Min Prophetic MP3
  • I'll review your homework and offer suggestions



the Full Discovery

  • Online Class
  • 30 Min Prophetic MP3
  • Up to 4 1 on 1 phone calls


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