Supernatural Business Free Challenge

5 Lessons Easy

About this course

What if your product or service could transcend natural limitations that surpasses your own talent and skill?

What if you could tap into flow, connections, resources, and provision?

What if you found new and unusual ways of working so that you can be at rest while you work?

What if you could download creative ideas and inventions that release redemption and restoration?

We have, and we'll show you how.

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Course Structure

Supercharging Your Products and Services

Out of the box ways to invite God to overhaul your offering.  

Vision Before Provision

A powerful exercise to tap into supernatural resources. 

Your Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing can be done in a way that benefits rather than manipulates others. Craft your 5 point plan.

Goals and Time

Stuck in a day job? Got a family or other responsibilities? We have been there! You have all the time you need!

Keep Going!

Strategies to move forward beyond this free challenge.

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