Accessing Heaven’s Strategy Room Part 2

By Seneca | Strategy

Mar 29

Another guest post from Del Hungerford continuing on with the strategy room visits.  If you missed part 1, it's over here. 

One thing I’m learning by listening to Ian Clayton and Mike Parsons is that I can go back and revisit places I’ve been before. So, during my practice times, when I haven’t understood what I saw in a previous experience, I can go back and ask more questions and see more from that initial experience. For example, I can take a closer look at my surroundings. Who’s in the room? What are they wearing? What do their faces look like? I don’t always see this stuff the first time in a place so it’s good to practice seeing more during another visit. What I’ve also noticed is that when I do go back, it’s like I never left. Basically, I pick up where I left off.

I had many questions about that first strategy room visit. It was too easy to believe I’d see the answer some day because that’s what I’d been taught… wait on the Lord…. But, I’m learning that God really does want me to have answers. However, it requires choosing to engage with Him to get those answers. And, once is not enough. Many times, the answers come in pieces, like a puzzle that needs to be pieced together.

The Art of Practice

In looking at “practicing,” I’m realizing it’s no different than practicing a musical instrument. When learning a piece of music, I start somewhere and continue practicing the same thing over and over until it’s well cemented in my hands (the technical passages) and then practice playing through an entire piece enough times that I can tie all sections together. For every performance, it takes several hours a day of practice.

With a better idea of how to practice in my mind, while driving yet again to Spokane, I went up into the strategy room again and asked God to explain what I was given in each line during my first visit. I was most curious about the musical instrument being put into me. In the previous experience, I knew there was a “being” who gave me the instrument. This time, I knew that being was Father God.

Receiving What's Needed

Rewind for a moment to the spring of 2014... At a Now Interpret This! retreat, a group of us had a portal appear in the room we were sleeping in. There were angels all over the room, too. I could literally see sparkles flying off my fingers. We all saw the portal and took turns going inside it. One of the group went to Gethsemane and took us with her. After she came back, someone in the room looked at me while I was lying on the bed and said “There’s an angel putting a musical instrument inside you!” I’m thinking “this is way cool!” So, I opened up my arms and received the instrument by faith even though I couldn’t see anything. At least two others in the room watched this play out. By then, the room was super thick with angels and you could really sense their presence.

Keep in mind, this was way before I knew that I would be recording the A=432 music. However, almost a year later, to the date of this experience, at the retreat, I recorded my first CD. And, this experience was also my first introduction into “seeing in the spirit.” People who’d been practicing, saw more than I did.

Getting Some Answers

Back to the strategy room.  As I was standing in front of the being the first time (that I now know is God), I was reminded of the incident where I received the instrument from the angel. On the second trip up, I asked God what it was about. He said “I was putting pipes of all kinds inside you so that your whole body would be a musical instrument; I was putting my frequency within you so that your whole body would vibrate at my frequency. That then goes into your music.”

I stood there with my mouth gaping open thinking “I finally get it!” He heard my thoughts and smiled.

In the line where the being was painting the colors of the rainbow that were soaking into my body, God said “Frequency is color. Color is frequency. They must work together. They were put inside you because they must be together.”

Again, I thought “WOW!” I was seeing color and frequency meld together, much like a DNA chain and could see the importance of having both.

The papers I received? God asked me, “Remember all the work you just did getting flyers, download cards, price lists, and all that together?”

I said, “Yes!”

He responded, “I gave you those when you were in the strategy room the first time. What you needed for strategy in putting those materials together, you got when those papers soaked into you.” Again, I had this “duh” moment. I remembered how easy it was to sit and simply type up all the information for all my marketing. It came so easily...

The line where people passed by the being emitting light? Well, that was Jesus. I was reminded of Saul when Jesus appeared as a ball of levitating white light. Jesus said to me, “This light is creative light. Those who stand and accept it, their bodies become creative light. You need this creative light because what you do, speak, and think is creative and needs to come from me and flow out of you through the River of Life.”

I pondered on this for a moment thinking that as I receive and become creative light, it flows through me and then I release it into the atmosphere around me. I began to understand that when I play music, the creative light is flowing through me in the form of musical frequencies.

I then saw a pile of wood, ready to be split. Time out here… this was added during the second visitation, which caught me off guard a bit. At first, I doubted what I was seeing.

Cleansing Fire

Cocking my head a bit, I thought “am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” Jesus chuckled at my thoughts and asked me “When you split wood what happens?” I paused for a moment and then remembered moving a new cord of firewood recently in the rain with the bark falling off everywhere. I was glad because the wood I’d ordered a month earlier wasn’t ready to burn so when this new load came and the bark fell off, I knew it would be fine.

I responded “Well, when it’s good firewood, the bark will fall off once it’s well seasoned. That’s one way of knowing it’s ready to be burned.”

With a smile, he replied “Exactly! Once it’s been drying for a certain amount of time, the bark will begin to fall off. It’s gone through a seasoning process, just like you have. The bark is pulled away because the wood no longer needs that particular covering. Then, you split the wood and prepare it for burning. When you put it in the wood stove, you then have much needed warmth during cold seasons.”

As Jesus explained this to me, I thought about what a pain it is to pull the bark off the logs and sometimes, I just throw the whole log, bark and all, into the wood stove. It’s great for getting a fire going quickly but can make a mess. Jesus heard my thoughts and responded, “Yes, it’s important that when a specific covering is no longer needed, it is burnt off you.”

After Jesus spoke, I was reminded of how forest fires are often cleansing. In fact, some pine trees will only reseed after a fire has opened the cones. At that moment, the song “Cleansing Fire” came on. I got this Ah Ha! moment and realized that I’m going through a learning, cleansing, and refining process. And, Jesus used something I understood to teach me this!

As I continued to think about how fire is not always about destruction but can also be cleansing, I understood that there would be another visit to bring more clarification to the firewood analogy. But, I was getting close to work and needed to prepare for my first student of the day.

The end… until next time...

Want Del to walk you into the Strategy Room?

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