Monthly Archives: November 2015

Nov 25

Accessing Heaven’s Business Strategy Room

By Seneca | Strategy

Seneca I asked Dream Venture student Del Hungerford of Healing Frequencies Music and Supernatural Lessons to guest post this week on a recent heavenly experience she had that helped her grow her business. I hope it inspires you to “practice” too. Heeeeeeeeeeers Del! Part of my most recent spiritual journey involves learning to see and do […]

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Nov 12

If Selling Is Hard For You…

By Seneca | Psychology of Success

Then you need a paradigm shift. Very few of us like wearing the salesman hat. It conjures up all kinds of ideas about slimey tactics, manipulation and other things that people with consciences want no part of. Yet we still have to run our businesses. If your present view of sales and marketing is that […]

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