Your Dream Venture


Prophetic Profits Through The Business of Your Dreams


Need a Business Idea?

We'll take you from no idea, or too many ideas, down to your perfect idea.

Already Have a Business?

Learn how to build a solid foundation and take it to the next level.

What's So 'Dreamy' About Your Dream Venture?

We got our start in Now Interpret This, an online school for the prophetic and dreams. Believe it or not, a business class was a natural extension for those of us receiving messages about business from God. A class using dreams, personal prophecy and business sense was born.  Your Dream Venture has two classes, no longer on the Now Interpret This platform, that will help you identify your next steps to turn your dreams into reality. 

Although the night dreams convey strategy, Your Dream Venture also emphasizes day dreams, or your heart's desires for your life and business. Often these are squelched in the name of religion and dying to self, when they are the very things put within us to give to the world. Bringing these back to the forefront can be a process and we are here to help.

If you have a business, we'll get a solid foundation under it and give you the tools to take it to the next level.  If you don't have a business, we'll do our best to get you into one.  I'm saying "we" because this is a group thing.  The classes function as a focus group, think tank and support system for one another.  It's incredibly hard to do this on your own and even having a coach is not enough.  

We're proving that it's possible to make money without losing your integrity.

We're proving that it is possible to conduct business from a center point of compassion, warmth and service.  

We're proving that it is possible to use sales and marketing in a way that benefits people, without manipulating or annoying them.